Halloween Surf Sessions

"Trick or Treat" and costume parties are a thing of the past. Why not take the costumes and the boards and have a session that one of the players will never forget...

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Waterfall Backgammon

Hot, humid and ready for a break? Can happen in Northern Thailand - but a simple break turned into a great start of a new extreme backgammon career...

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Brandon Backgammon Bay

Brandon Bay is a beautiful spot in the south west of Ireland. The beach can handle lots of swell and is one of the best backgammon (surf) spots on the west coast!

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Underwater Backgammon

Backgammon while diving? Most definitely! Just dive right into our exclusive coverage of the Underwater Backgammon World Championships 2009!

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Backgammon Trekking

Backgammon Trekking

 Aug 2007

Hardcore trekking in The very north of India is a tough thing. But extreme backgammon trekking close to famous Ladakh is pure passion!

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Baseball vs Backgammon

Controversial topic, but the eXtreme Backgammon crew is not really too much into baseball! - Anne and Lucie carried a backgammon board to the match...

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